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Our custom Overhead Door is the talk of the neighbourhood! We sincerely appreciate your knowledge, expertise, and quality product from idea to install.

Casey Hutchinson, Residential Customer

The great history of the Overhead Door Company is no mistake. Their staying power is evident with the value in their product, and the professionalism of their people. It has been a pleasure doing business with the Overhead Door Company.

A&B Concrete

For the first 2 weeks after my garage door was serviced by your technician, I would press the button to raise it and hear nothing. I thought ‘Oh no, it’s not working!’ Then I looked, and it had opened, silently and perfectly – I was just not used to such a great unit. A job well done!

Linda Dunlop, Residential Customer

We would like to express how satisfied we are with the way our account has been handled by your service team. Our upper and lower parkade doors were repaired by a technician whose broad knowledge of mechanical systems made all the difference. He went through all the safety features, showed us how the doors and openers worked, checked out all the systems, and gave us good recommendations on cables, safety and hinges. He showed great problem-solving abilities, and we hope to work with him again.

Fraserlands, Red Door Housing Society

Your installations coordinator is just running things perfectly! She is in constant contact with us and phones ahead to update us with any problems or concerns. If all companies were on board like this, it would be great!

Pacesetter Homes